I'm Nadia, I was born 22nd February 1977. Someone who deals with numerology,knows, that my name can say a lot, and my date of birth is telling us, that the number 22 is a psychic number. This is a very high level of spiritual knowledge, intelligence, intuition and vision, what I have got from the destiny. Before I have got into the media, I worked as a graduate at economist banks and foreign-owned companies. I feel at home in economic and financial domains too.

For a long time I’m working at the media, where I’m a recognized medium.
I had naturel endowments of talents and knowledge, it showed up in my early childhood. At that time I did not really dealt with it. Maybe I didn’t accept what I got from „above”.
In 2004, after series of tragedies, I degraded mentally and physically completely. Almost I could not even myself. I only lived and breathing instinctively.I was interested in nothing and nobody, "my soul was dead." At that time, I was the Netherlands, where I met a medium. After our conversation, I admitted that I have to accept the help, what I get from „above”. So I can help myself and other people. He began to deal with me on a seriously level and he showed me, what the right track for me. I took the instructions and I started the path for me.

I had studied and worked one year the Netherlands, after I returned home and I continued the work with esoteric activities. A lot of people visited me, and I helped them. Continuously I’m training on own by my teachers.
I was back in the Benelux countries and Western Europe. I went around Transylvania and I spent several days in Malta, where also recognized for my skills.
Nowadays, people come to me from abroad too, not only from Hungarian to use of my knowledge and confidence to ask for my help.
I give everybody, who comes to me one’s hand humbly, with much love and I help that they can live a happier, healthier and more successful life.
Whether private or a business problem, call me. I help you to the best of my knowledge.





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